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Our international network of manufacturers allows us to offer our partners a comprehensive sourcing service, adjusted to your needs regarding passive, thermal and protective components. Thanks to our industrial equipment, we also are able conduct qualifications and tests on various passive components (Capacitors, Resistors, etc.).
Our team of engineers is also ready to offer you a full internal structure study of your components, ranging from visual tests, microsections, physical studies etc.
Finally, we are happy to be able to provide a system of cross references on obsolete or current parts thanks to the close relationships we maintain with our network of manufacturers, chosen for their reactivity, competitivity and reliability.
In a spirit of facilitating the work of our partners, we are more than happy to reduce your costs by ordering your parts, stocking them in our warehouse and have them delivered to you with the rhythm that fits your production line.
Do not hesitate to visit our website, Milton Ross Composants, our branch that focuses on the distribution of passive and thermic components.

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