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SRT Simulation Tool

Our simulation tool « SRTSimTool » allows you to explore the complete PME range of SRT-Microcéramique.
Based on real data as well as theoretical calculations, you get the full graphics and informations you need for your designs : Impedance and ESR curves, Ripple voltage and current, temperature rise, capacitance variation depending on DC-Bias, S21-S11 curves, phase curves, ESR data, ESL, resonance frequency, DF, and thermal dissipation (theoretical).

You can specify :

  • Operating temperature
  • DCBias value
  • Maximum increase of temperature

The various curves and graphics will then adjust with the new data specified for the different parameters.
This tool can even help you design your stack by specifying the maximum height you can allow for it in your design.
SRTSimTool will also generate the part number corresponding to the chosen design, and will display mounting and termination.

Please note : The values displayed are indicative and final design can only be achieved thanks to a conversation with our engineers.

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