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Hydrogene cells in development at SRT-Microcéramique

Hydrogene cells in development at SRT-Microcéramique
SRT-Microcéramique, attentive to scientific innovation,  is currently studying in close partnership with the CEA, the industrial development and production of high temperature combustion ceramic cells. This technology is currently the most promising yield-wise in the field of green hydrogene production. SRT-Microcéramique believes in the future of hydrogene as a new energy source, and has been so for many years.

This project is also supported by the Centre-Val de Loire Region, and is part of a broader development framework gathering many sub-projects involving the CEA, SRT-Microcéramique and numerous academic research groups, particularly : GREMAN, GREMI, ICMCB and Lempi.

This innovation process allows SRT-Microcéramique to provide unique manufacturer skills to research, as to solve the issues linked to the transition between laboratory phase and mass production.
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