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CAPAFRANCE Project elected for European Recovery Plan

CAPAFRANCE Project elected for European Recovery Plan
Project CAPAFRANCE from SRT-MICROCERAMIQUE : Laureate For the Resilience part of European Recovery Plan
SRT-Microcéramique is among the 34 new companies who will receive support from the European Recovery Plan, with 9 other companies in the electronics sector, along with Tronico, Thales Sixt GTS or Alcatel-Lucent.

This grant of 650k€ will allow SRT-Microcéramique to accelerate both the modernization and digitalization of its production means on their site of Vendôme, and will help boost its growth.
SRT-Microcéramique, second and only European manufacturer of Multi Layer Ceramic Capacitors and EMI Filters, wishes to become a main reference in its sector, offering a competitive, local, and innovative alternative to its clients, with short and controled lead times. This will directly benefit its European and Global clients in the Industry, Defense, Aeronautics, Medical and spatial sectors, all of which almost entirely rely and depend on Asian and American manufacturers, who face today numerous issues of obsolescence and lead times with those crucial components.

Do not hesitate to contact our team for our solutions in ceramic capacitors, standards and custom (Filters, High Voltage, Stacks, Radials, Microelectronic, Non-Magnetic, SbPb…) as well as our service offer (Burn in, Tape In, Sorting, Tinning, Metallization, Fiabilization, Reliability…), as well as our distribution services on other passive and thermic components.
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